Leah Keoghan

My name is Leah and I’m a makeup artist who loves all thing beauty, fashion & travel. Expect to see anything from makeup tutorials, clothes hauls, travel vlogs & everyday life living with my 6 chihuahuas & 3 horses!

I love to create fashion content for all shapes are sizes & you will never have to wait to long for a clothes haul or try on video on my accounts. I am all for body positivity, as a proud size 12 i use my socials to show others how we can love & style our bodies regardless of the shape & size.

Especially on tiktok where i love showcasing clothes on the model vs on me.

You will never have to wait to long for some holiday inspiration on my account. I absolutely love jetting off and love bringing my followers along with me on the trips with daily stories & vlogs. I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 12 years so except lots of wedding planning coming very soon!