Keith Walsh

Keith Walsh is a Radio and TV Broadcaster. He currently presents on weekends from 5pm-7pm on RTÉ 2FM and weekdays on RTE Gold

Previously the lead anchor on RTÉ 2FM’s Early Morning Breakfast Show ‘Breakfast Republic’, Keith has also lent his talents to the small screen appearing in a variety of roles on RTÉ One, RTÉ Two and Virgin Media.

Keith’s acting work on the small screen includes the part of ‘Phelim’ in Bridget and Eamon on RTÉ Two. Keith reprised his role in season four of Bridget and Eamon. He has appeared in The Gun Show and Tested on Humans also on RTÉ Two. Pure Mental is Keith’s first piece of work as a playwright.

Keith is not your regular mental health advocate. Working on finding ways of helping people think about their mental health without beating them over the head with it. Keith presents The Keith Walsh Podcast. A three times weekly podcast that endeavours to have real conversations with real people about real life. Topics covered include - dealing with mental health issues, the marginalised, the difference between happiness and contentment, life improvement, coping skills, creativity as a solution to life’s problems and much more

In the last year Keith has been creating and selling bespoke greeting cards. Having rediscovered the joy of drawing and creating, off the back of this he has been busy developing an idea called Carding with Keith. Working on the idea that creativity can give people the space to relax, recharge and reconnect with the idea of living life with joy and a smile.